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Services | Civil Engineering

Our team of Engineers guarantee cost effective and approvable designs for all projects. Drafting and Detailing are conducted according to Australian and Council Specifications

Our Civil Design Services include:

  • Road Design (State/Council/Subdivisional/Private Roads)
  • Intersection and Roundabout Design
  • Busway Design
  • Walkway Design (Shared Path and Footpaths)
  • Bicycleway Design
  • Driveway Access Design
  • Parking Lot Design (On/Off Street)

Our Stormwater Design Services include:

  • Draingage Design
  • Surface Water Hydrology
  • Hydraulics
  • Water Senstive Urban Design
  • Eorison and Sediment Control
  • Construction Staging for Drainage
  • Roof Downpipe Design
  • Hyrology Software Application and Modelling (Drains, 12D, TUFLOW)
  • Channel, Basin Retention, Pit and Pipe Analysis
  • Bio-Retention Basin, Grass Pollution Trap
  • Music Modelling and Water Use
  • Temporary Construction Staging for Drainage Design
  • Gutter Sizing and Downpipe Sizing